LessonKeeper is virtual lesson notebook for iOS and macOS that helps you stay in-sync with your students.

From the creator of Metronomics and Harmonomics, LessonKeeper gives instructors an easy way to create lesson notes for their students. Lessons can be filled with text, images, PDFs, audio, video, lists, and more.

Lessons are synced to the cloud automatically and students get a link to a webpage where they can view all of the lesson content on any web-enabled device. This means the student doesn't have to get an app — only the instructor has to have LessonKeeper. Lessons are dynamically updated, so once you've sent the lesson link to a student, they get updates if you change the lesson content.

Useful for both online and in-person lessons, LessonKeeper makes it easier than ever to write lessons, share the content with students, and even keep track of lesson payments at the same time.


And many more…


LessonKeeper free to use for up to 3 students and 5 lessons per week. If you enjoy the app and need to get more out of it, LessonKeeper is available for a monthly ($7.99/month) or yearly ($79.99/year) subscription plan. (Currently on sale for 4.99/49.99!)

Your subscription works across all of your devices. Simply buy your subscription on one of your devices and then use the Restore Purcases button in LessonKeeper on any other device signed in to the same AppleID account.

Your subscription unlocks all of the LessonKeeper features including:


LessonKeeper has a ton of features and although it is easy to get started with, it can take a while to master all of its potential. Within the app, you can look at the Walkthrough for a quick overview of some of the features or look at the Help section for more in depth info.

There's also a LessonKeeper YouTube channel where you can watch video tutorials of some of the features.

You can always email LessonKeeper support at info@lessonkeeper.app with your questions.

Questions/comments? Get in touch at info@lessonkeeper.app